DOTH2559 DOTH2559 DOTH2559


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same as OTH2559

Length: 5 1/8"
Coil Diameter: 5/8"
Wire Size: .069"
Number of Coils: 58
Type: Extension

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This is for use with DLM dock levelers.

Price: $10.60 USD

More Description for DLM DOTH2559

Mechanical dock levelers have springs that operate different parts of the dock leveler to enable it to be lifted up and down. Springs are very sensitive to temperature changes. Because of this, springs have to be continually adjusted in very hot and very cold weather to work properly, resulting in a lot of wear and tear on the springs. Additionally, since springs are engaged when the dock leveler is being used, they tend to wear out more quickly than other dock leveler parts. Springs are the most-often replaced parts on mechanical dock lifters. This spring is a release arm spring for a DLM mechanical dock leveler.

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