Rite-Hite 52100 Rite-Hite 52100
Rite-Hite 52100


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Main Extension Spring

If you think this might be the spring you need, you are probably right. 

The 52100 main spring is by far our best-selling and most-reviewed spring.

Length: 23 1/2"
Coil Diameter: 3"
Wire Size: .435"
Number of Coils: 41
Type: Extension

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This is for use with Rite-Hite dock levelers.

Price: $147.60 USD

More Description for Rite-Hite 52100

Mechanical dock levelers use springs to move up and down. Part of the spring system works to extend and pull back the dock leveler as it moves up and down. The power to lift the dock leveler is from the main extension spring. Since springs are temperature-sensitive, they need continual adjustment to work correctly in hot and cold weather. This causes the springs to wear down more quickly. In addition, springs are the most constantly used parts on mechanical dock levelers, so they wear out faster than any other parts and require more frequent replacement. The 52100 spring is a main extension spring for a Rite Hite mechanical dock lifter. While primarily used in Rite Hite models, it can be used in other manufacturers. When this spring fails, the dock leveler will not extend, and the dock leveler cannot be manually opened. If this extension spring needs to be replaced, replacing them in pairs is recommended. Because this steel spring is so popular, we always keep them in stock.

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Joe Kutch

it would be easier for us if we could set up a charge acct instead of using a credit card

Thanks for the feedback Joe. I think you are right about setting up a charge account. We accepted terms in the past and were not setup right so it was a huge hassle. We are looking at it again and we think we have a better way of doing it. We will reach out when we finish the implementation. -Paul

David Chadwick

5 star

Justin Gossell
quality springs

good springs everything seems to work like factory ones but less expensive.



Wesley Bracero


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